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Talking LGBTQ With Teens

Talking LGBTQ With Teens

I recently posted a 2013 Up to Date interview with Matt and Casey discussing life in the LGBTQ community. Two years thereafter, in May 2015 we did an update on this with Julia Poe, who was at the time a senior at Shawnee Mission East High School and the National Teen Journalist of the year. Even several years hence, this is an interesting time capsule of how teens were and still are evolving toward same-sex attraction and how labels like “gay” and “lesbian” are becoming less important to teens than following their attraction profiles and interests in certain people. We actually did shows about this on both Up to Date with Steve Kraske and St. Louis on the Air with Don Marsh. I posted them both here for parents interested in the topic as I cite the shows in our forthcoming book Consent-Based Sex Education: Parenting Teens for Sexual Attraction and Gender Identity:

The first show is Up to Date:


And here’s St. Louis on the Air:

Both radio programs and hosts were great and earlier supporters of this kind of radio which has served to educate parents and others on LGBTQ+ topics. It’s value cannot be overestimated.


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