New DBT Practice in Lawrence: An Update on KLWN

New DBT Practice in Lawrence: An Update on KLWN

Here’s the latest I can discuss on DBT and Bert Nash. I think it is a hopeful situation. You can skip ahead to 6:38 on this clip to learn more and skip our concrete report!  I think information on the new DBT Center of Lawrence has it’s website up, but just barely. Clients who have seen members of this team at Bert Nash are assured now by Bert Nash that the center will facilitate transition as needed and requested within an informed consent framework as we discussed on a previous show. That does require HIPAA compliance and signing of consent forms, which I understand from articles in the paper, Bert Nash will be working on once the information becomes available. As I say on the air, this hasn’t been a very transparent or linear process and there may be many reasons for that. For now, my advice to clients who want to be seen is to stay in contact with the DBT via this website and to hold out hope that they will get things worked out.

I have been down many of these roads myself over the years. There are things I would have done differently if I were on any side of this issue and I believe many folks who received DBT services would agree. I hope greater thought is given in the future to best practices on all sides before things become so anxiety producing and frustrating for the clients who rely upon these services to maintain harmony and stability in their lives.

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