Considering Informed Consent For Clients of DBT Therapists

Considering Informed Consent For Clients of DBT Therapists

I was on Joel Becker’s show Tuesday morning discussing the community response to seven staff leaving Bert Nash Mental Health Center. As I commented on the air, our practice is dependent on BNMHC to allow us to broaden our client base because the center gives us a place to refer clients who need services beyond what we can provide. In the show, I explain issues of informed consent and how both the therapist (or therapists) who resign from one practice and that practice need to consider continuity of care above all else. And clients need to be in on that discussion, not sidelined.  I am hoping the informed consent aspect of this issue is soon resolved, as clients have undoubtedly felt in limbo since the announcement and no one seemed to have answers to give them. I would also like to see an external investigation undertaken, as I note at the end of the show, to assure the community that a number of troubling issues that have come to light among staff and administration, are set to rest. This can be a great moment for growth and change in our community mental health system at a critical time in its evolution.

I hope we take it. We’re all watching to see….

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