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KCUR Up to Date: Having a Genuine Conversation with Your Teen

KCUR Up to Date: Having a Genuine Conversation with Your Teen

We often think of parents and children as existing on opposite sides of a wide communication gap built of generational misunderstandings. Too often that gap leads both parents and kids to simply avoid what they both see as awkward conversations about sexuality, substance abuse, and even simple topics like school performance and peer relationships. When they are discussed, many parent-child conversations lead to high emotion, little thought, and even less change. It doesn’t have to be that way. I join Steve Kraske on Up to Date to talk about how parents can change the conversation with their children and teens, even if they didn’t get off to a great start in the grade school years.

Is the “communication gap” overrated? Do certain factors make parent-child communication more or less difficult? Do parents and teens have competing goals in communication? Are there certain parent-child personalities that match better than others in terms of communication? What do parents say or do most often to make communication less effective?

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