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Insta, Finsta, Snapchat, Nudes: Teens and Sexual Expression on Social Media

Insta, Finsta, Snapchat, Nudes: Teens and Sexual Expression on Social Media

Nicole and I are just finishing our chapter on Sexting, Snapchat, and Finstagram for Consent-Based Sex Education, Book Two: Parenting Teens in an Internet Age. The book is going  out to our focus groups, likely in October. Book One: Parenting Teens for Sexual Competence is finishing it’s focus group run and should be to reviewers very shortly. This has been a really long process. It’s hard to write books about teen sexuality when teen sexual culture changes week to week, but we’re going to get it done. If you’d like to catch a preview of coming attractions, Nicole and I were recently on Up to Date with Steve Kraske to discuss the topic. We seem to blow Steve’s mind on a regular basis and we may blow yours, but that’s not really our goal. Our goal is to keep you abreast of these trends and a big one is how teens view nudity and how they express it over social media, at times without a second thought, This form of expression is no longer an intimate exchange between young, established, exclusive partners. It’s a part of the courting ritual and sometimes even just a playful, if bawdy interplay. Click below to learn more and be in touch to keep track of when the books come out. We’ll be back on the air then.

PS: Special thanks to Up to Date and to Steve Kraske. He has given us tremendous airtime over the years on which to discuss these issues and those opportunities have really shaped our work as we have sought to shape that conversation. Always a great show.


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