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ADD and Zombies: Fearless Medication Management, A Publication Update

ADD and Zombies: Fearless Medication Management, A Publication Update

When I sent I Always Want to Be Where I’m Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD (IAW2BWIN) to press in 2014, I didn’t know what to expect. Nobody was more surprised than I, when tens of thousands of copies sold and I received substantial exposure to my thirteen principals in ADDitude Magazine and other outlets. People from all over the world wrote in asking for consultations by video chat, nearly all of which I had to turn down and refer to local therapists. I was having enough difficulty handling local requests and even with eight clinical staff in my Lawrence Kansas office (and growing) we still can’t meet the demand.

One of my greatest disappointments back in 2014 was that I didn’t have anyone with whom I could coauthor the chapter on medication management. Since psychologists can’t prescribe, I could only assume the role of educated consumer and ask my readers to take all my advice in that spirit.

What a difference five years makes. In late 2012 while in the early stages of writing IAW2BWIN, I contacted a family friend, Kelsey Daugherty, then an RN with MD Anderson in Houston, and asked her a simple question: “Do you want to go to graduate school and become a nurse practitioner and come to work for me.” She didn’t hesitate for a moment in saying yes.

“And did I mention our office will pay for it?” I asked.

“Better yet,” Kelsey said.

By June 2013, Kelsey was in her first year of doctoral school at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. She began practicing with us in 2015 at the masters level and completed her doctorate in 2016. Finally I had the prescriber I’d always dreamed of, someone who had trained from day-one to do medication management the way we like to do it at Family Psychological Services, integrated closely with treatment. Even better, I had a coauthor.

We’ve been working on our next book, affectionately titled, ADD and Zombies: Fearless Medication Management for ADD and ADHD for over a year now, even as we churn out articles and webinars for ADDitude, do public radio and commercial broadcasts about ADD (and other topics) and continue our busy clinical practice. We have a great Foreword lined up by our colleague and psychiatrist William Dodson, MD, LF-APA. When we asked, Dr. Dodson agreed heartily noting, “Lord knows we need a book for lay people on the basics of medications management.” We agree, and we’ve written one that we think is practical, intelligent, accessible to clients and prescribers alike, and yes, a little bit funny too. We hope.

Please bookmark this blog and check back often. You can also get on our email list by emailing a request to ask [@] dr-wes.com. Obviously you want to leave out the brackets. Beginning with this post, we’ll be offering regular publication updates. As of today, our goal is to have the book out by Christmas in all forms, paperback, Kindle, hardcover (for libraries) and on audible.com. And yes, listeners who suffered through my reading of IAW2BWIN, I now know how to do an audiobook (hint: it’s like radio…duh) and this one will be a whole lot more listenable than the last one. We’ll also be positing bonus content from past public radio programs across the country that make for good listening and learning, particularly if you want to cram a lot of material into a short broadcast.

And if that weren’t great enough, get this: As soon as we get this book out, and a couple of others on sex education (unrelated…mostly), I’ll get out a revision of IAW2BWIN which updates my earlier thinking to include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, advice on finding, getting and keeping a job, and a whole lot more material I’ve accumulated over the last five years.

As for ADD and Zombies, we’ll the have pre-order options up as soon as Amazon allows. I’m going into hiding in a couple of weeks in a small town in central Kansas where I can get away from life, eat (those German Mennonites can sure cook…just ask Kelsey), and get this book into its final form and out for review.

If you or someone you love has ADD, and you want to get the most out of medication, you’re going to want to read or listen to this book. Working with Kelsey on every chapter,  even I learned a lot (A WHOLE LOT) and I’ve been at this for nearly twenty-eight years.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the ADD and ADHD community and hope you’re feeling the same way!

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